In In the 1950s when Gemmology as a science was not widely known in India, Late Sh. Govindas Mukandas, a jeweller to the erstwhile Nizam and the ruler of the Deccan, initiated the study of gems & jewellery in a scientific way. He successfully used his knowledge about gem deposits in the Golconda territory to the benefit of his patrons. His own learnings about the occurrence, formation cutting and mining of gem stones especially that of Ruby and Sapphire, coupled with guidance from John Sinkankas – Max Bauer created a foundation for gemmology in the seventies.

Building on this education and experience, his son Sh. Satish Shah GG established a comprehensive facility for the testing of gem stones and imparting education about he Gemmological sciences. Starting in New Delhi, the institute began to shape formal Gemmology by training inquisitive minds in every facet of Gem & Jewellery identification and making to produce professionals of an avant garde cadre.

Now based in Hyderabad, the institute is unrivalled in its reputation as a premier centre for gem science and evaluation and is equipped with not just the latest equipment, but with also two internationally qualified graduate gemmologists. Students benefit from ongoing research at the institute as they learn to identify, evaluate and trade in gems & jewellery. The ability to quickly differentiate qualitatively between gem stones and their synthetic equivalent as well as amongst gem stones speaks of the quality of training imparted at the institute.

The course is adminnistered with a curriculum that imbibes the ore subjects with modukles on soft skills appended to produce a well–rounded professional. Students have the opportunity to interact with tutors, get hands–on training and are offered an opportunity to present their learnings to the class. The Decaan Institute of Gem & Jewellery has trained hundreds of students from India and countries such as the USA, UK, Mexico as well as from a few African and Middle Eastern nations.

Our People

  • Late Sh. Govindas MukandasFounder
  • Satish Govindas Shah GG. (Chairman)
  • Priyanka Shah Jewellery Designer (SNDT Mumbai), Gemmologist
  • Radhika Shah GG, GJ, AJA (GIA, USA)
  • Gopal Krishna Gemmologist, Diamond Grading
  • Hemang Momaya Diamond Grader (HRD)
  • Sulthan Shabbuddin gemmologist
  • Amith shah gemmologist and diamond grader
  • M. Srinivas gemmologist and diamond grader
  • J.Vasantha Laxhmi gemmologist and diamond grader

Management Philosophy
Exclusivity in design is a core differentiator in the jewellery trade. There is a recognised need to design and offer to clients one–of–a–kind jewellery. Such exclusivity will be born out of a professional approach towards all stakeholders across the value chain.

Priyanka shah daughter of Satish shah, is a gemologist and jewelry designer. Priyanka shah, a gemologist and a professional jewelry designer.

She has been teaching from past 8 years 150 students and still is enjoying to continue her profession. She is presently training students in jewelry design. According to her designing exclusive pieces of jewelry is what sets you apart from the rest. In today’s competitive industry there is a need to design and offer to clients on-of-a kind jewelry design. The professional and personalized approach developed enables to create students comfort that helps them in gaining the most and the best for their education.

About Gemology

Gemology as a science was unknown to India in 1950’s when Late Mr. Govinddas Mukandas, the jeweler to the erstwhile Nizam the Ruler of Deccan, initiated study of gems & jewellery in scientific way. He successfully used his vast knowledge in the gem deposits of Golconda area of India. His knowledge about the occurrence, formation, cutting and mining there along with his experience in gems like Ruby, Sapphire mines acted as solid base. He then incorporated the optical physical, chemical properties of the stones and laid the foundation for gemology in 1970’s. Further his son Satish Shah (GG) established a full fledged Gemological Institute & Gem testing lab for the Government of India undertaking in New Delhi and gave shape to formal Gemology and started training the inquisitive minds in every facet of Gem & Jewellery identification and making.

Later Gemology took its roots in Hyderabadas a Gem Testing Lab. Gemology classes were given and finally Deccan Institute of Gem & Jewellery was born. Deccan Institute with its lab & grading facilities, equipped with state of the art technologies, offers new opportunities to the jewelers. Its continuous research activities translated into the course. This program equip the students with the ability to identify, appraise, buy and sell gem & jewellery, which is very essential at a time when the market is flooded with misleading and sophisticated gem stimulants and various enhancement processes.

The course is planned in such away that is sharpens the skills in jewellery designing and manufacturing. The institute has excellent faculty and experienced facilities to provide work areas with most modern gem technology, digital displays, slides, audio visuals and practical inputs. Which provides an ideal atmosphere for students to have practical cutting edge knowledge in the field of Gem and Jewellery. It has already trained hundreds of students not only from India but also from countries like USA, UK, Mexico, Africa, Meddle East and NRI’s.

After establishing Gemology in 1980s. Deccan Institute of Gem & Jewellery & Deccan Gem Society held their convocation and Annual Meeting on 8th of January, 2006 at Taj Mahal Hotel, Hyderabad. The Chief Guest Mr Umesh of Meena Bazar Group, wished the organization and the upcoming professionals in their future prospectus. More than 146 students of Diamond, Gemology & Jewellery Designing were honored with certificates. The following students were given the medals for Best Performance.


K. Sangeetha

20th june 2008

A. R.Uma Maheswar Rao

14 Oct 2008

Uma Rani

14th feb 2008

J. Vasantha Laxhmi

14th feb 2008


Ajay Kumar Varma

20th June 2008

Arthi Bharotia

14th oct 2008

Jewellery Designing

Hunuma Sree Susarla

14th oct 2008

The CEO, of the institute and President of Deccan Gem Society Shri Satish Kumar G Shah highlighted the most upgrade courses of the institute and gave a presentation on New Diamond Cut System and also informed about the Digital education, Micro Photography, Gem incursions, Data base, Latest enhancement in the field of gem, the new trends of Diamond Sales, Designing and consumer requirement was also discussed. The Deccan Gem Society also gave the presentation of yearly performance of holding six talks from glass filled rubies to the Burma visit. More than 250 members including students and members of society were present.

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